Av. Tudor Alexandru Oancea

Tudor Alexandru Oancea, born 1977 in Bucharest, studied at the German High school “Hermann Oberth” in Bucharest and successfully graduated in 2000 the faculty of law of the Romanian-American University of Bucharest. He wrote his bachelor paper about the stock exchange market, at times when this market just emerged in Romania.

During his college times he already worked as project assistant in a project of the Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung für Internationale Kooperation designed to establish the Romanian Savings Bank. Here he cooperated in the elaboration of the first draft law on savings in Romania.

He is attorney at law and member of the Bucharest Bar since 2003.

After six years spent in a Romanian medium sized law firm, where he combined court representation with consultancy, he co-founded the law office „Oancea Ciocîltan & Partner“.

In 2004 he earned a scholarship of the German Bar Association (BRAK), the Association of German Lawyers (DAV) and the Bucharest Bar. After taking a course on the fundamentals of German law, he had an internship in the law office „Schmitz Knoth Wüllrich Marquardt“ in Bonn. Here he got acquainted with the working routines of a German law office and had the opportunity to apply his knowledge of German law.

Av. Tudor Oancea graduated the MBA “Business management and Innovation” of the Bucharest School of Economics and the University of Gelsenkirchen, held in German.

Av. Tudor Oancea has outstanding proficiency in German and good knowledge of English.

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