Av. Raluca Oancea

Raluca Oancea, was born in 1976 in Brasov. She graduated in 2003 from the faculty of law of the Transilvania University-Brasov, after graduating her studies of German and English and an MA at the University of Bucharest.

Already during her faculty years she gained experience in company and commercial law, in a German law firm seated also in Bucharest.

In 2005 she was admitted to the Bar.

In parallel, Av. Raluca Oancea also participated in the implementation of EU-funded projects in the field of the reform of the judiciary, which allowed her to acquire a good insight into the organisation of the Romanian judiciary.

In 2010 she earned a scholarship of the German Bar Association (BRAK), the Association of German Lawyers (DAV) and IRZ Foundation. After taking a course on the fundamentals of German law, she had an internship in the law firm „Krah Burghoff & Kollegen“ in Cologne. Here she deepened her knowledge of the working routines of a German law firm and participated in an active exchange of experience with the German colleagues.

Av. Raluca Oancea also represents the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) in Romania.

Av. Raluca Oancea has excellent proficiency of both, German and English.

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